Recording Order Form

On this form, you can order recordings for the 2008 Boston Catholic Men's and Women's Conferences. Please allow 2-5 weeks for delivery.

Mail-in Orders
Please CLICK HERE to download an order form.

Online Ordering Instructions:
Please click on the "Add to Cart" button for the recording type you are purchasing first. A new window will open. Enter the desired quantity. Choose "Continue Shopping" if you need to order another recording. Otherwise click "Secure Checkout" to process payment. It should take about 2 minutes.


  • (1) Please omit the spaces when you enter your credit card number;
  • (2) If you're ordering multiple recordings of one keynote address (or package), please put in the quantity and click "update cart" before clicking on "secure checkout."
  • (3) There's no need to register for paypal to complete your payment. Below the amount you owe, you can click the "click here" box next to "if you do not currently have a paypal account."

Complete Speaker Sets - Men:

  DVD-$35 VHS-$35 CD-$30 Cassette-$30
Men's Conference Speakers

Complete Speaker Sets - Women:

  DVD-$20 VHS-$20 CD-$15 Cassette-$15
Men's Conference Speakers

Single Talks:

  DVD-$12 VHS-$12 CD-$8 Cassette-$8
Tarek Saab
Fr. Peter Grover, OMV
Bishop Robert Hennessey
Dr. Peter Kreeft
Jack Shaughnessy, Sr.
Stacey McGovern
Kimberly Hahn
Patti Mansfield

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